It’s time for our massive, 3.5-hour review of Tri Chapter 4, “Loss”! We dive into what works and doesn’t in this divisive chapter, plus we dig into Maki’s flashback, the concept of partnership, Sora’s character development, and the newly laid-out Tri power balance. Plus the ever-important shipping corner, your three-word reviews, and where we think the future of Tri is headed!

Let us know what you thought about the movie and your most memorable quotes in the comments!


  • 0:00:03: Intro
  • 0:02:50: General Impressions
  • 0:46:30: Coastal Clash
  • 1:02:26: Maki's Flashback
  • 1:20:19: Partners
  • 1:35:12: Sora
  • 1:46:49: Factions & Power Balance
  • 2:01:49: Shipping Corner
  • 2:14:43: Unanswered Questions
  • 2:28:12: 3-Word Reviews
  • 2:33:52: Terminal Judgment
  • 2:50:10: Looking Forward
  • 2:58:23: Recommendation Articulation
  • 3:04:36: Outro

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