It’s time for Ghost Game episodes 17-20! This month we dive into everything we learned (and didn’t learn) from February’s Digimon Con, then discuss Ghost Game’s worst(?) episode, creepiest episode, picklest episode, and effectively tragic episode.

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Things mentioned this week:


  • Episode 13: J(★★☆☆☆), A(★☆☆☆☆), T(★☆☆☆☆)
  • Episode 14: J(★★★½☆), A(★★★☆☆), T(★★★★☆)
  • Episode 15: J(★★★½☆), A(★★★½☆), T(★★★½☆)
  • Episode 16: J(★★★★☆), A(★★★★☆), T(★★★★☆)

Ghosts of the Month:

  • Jeff: CaptainHookmon
  • Aster: Hawkmons
  • Touya: Petermon

Special Thanks

Our Gammamon artwork is by the amazing Sinobali. Check out their main art Twitter, shitposting Twitter, and Patreon!

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