We’re back from a long hiatus to talk about Ghost Game episodes 13-16! We dive into the shocking debut of GulusGammamon, the kids’ concerning ability to shrug off world-ending threats, and how everyone copes in the wake of episode 13’s shocking events. (Note: this episode was recorded on January 30th, soon after episode 16 aired)

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What’s making us happy in the world of Digimon this month:

  • Touya: New 02 can badges (which may have existed in January, but seem to be impossible to find now…)
  • Aster: Tri tamer cards in BT9 (Maki, Daigo, and Meiko)
  • Jeff: null

Other things mentioned this week:


  • Episode 13: J(★★★★★), A(★★★★★), T(★★★★★)
  • Episode 14: J(★★★★☆), A(★★★★☆), T(★★★★☆)
  • Episode 15: J(★★★½☆), A(★★★☆☆), T(★★★☆☆)
  • Episode 16: J(★★★★☆), A(★★★★☆), T(★★★.4)

Ghosts of the Month:

  • Jeff: GulusGammamon
  • Aster: Kimono SunFlowmon
  • Touya: GulusGammamon

Special Thanks

Our Gammamon artwork is by the amazing Sinobali. Check out their main art Twitter, shitposting Twitter, and Patreon!

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