Let’s talk about Ghost Game episodes 9-12! We dive into the return of Clockmon, the introduction of Bokomon, the debut of TeslaJellymon and WezenGammamon, the evolutionless growth of Ruli, and whether Hiro’s pacifism is starting to worry us. (Note: this episode was recorded right after episode 12 aired, so we had no idea what was coming with episode 13…)

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What’s making us happy in the world of Digimon this month:

Other things mentioned this week:


  • Episode 5: J(★★★½☆), A(★★★½☆), T(★★★☆☆)
  • Episode 6: J(★★★☆☆), A(★★★★☆), T(★★★☆☆)
  • Episode 7: J(★★★½☆), A(★★★☆☆), T(★★★☆☆)
  • Episode 8: J(★★★★☆), A(★★★½☆), T(★★★½☆)

Ghosts of the Month:

  • Jeff: WezenGammamon
  • Aster: TeslaJellymon
  • Touya: WezenGammamon

Special Thanks

Our Gammamon artwork is by the amazing Sinobali. Check out their main art Twitter, shitposting Twitter, and Patreon!

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