After some unexpected delays, let’s rewind the clock(mon) a bit to talk about Ghost Game episodes 1-4! We talk about our impressions of Hiro and Ruli, feelings about this first crop of hologram ghosts, and where we think (/thought) the series is (/was) headed!

Monthly Digi-Prompt: What pre-existing Digimon would you want to appear in Ghost Game for a special winter-holidays-themed episode, and how would they appear both festive and spooky?

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News of the month:

Other things mentioned this week:


  • Episode 1: J(★★★★☆), A(★★★★★), T(★★★★★)
  • Episode 2: J(★★★★½), A(★★★★½), T(★★★★☆)
  • Episode 3: J(★★★★½), A(★★★★☆), T(★★★★☆)
  • Episode 4: J(★★★½☆), A(★★★★☆), T(★★★★★)

Ghosts of the Month:

  • Jeff: BlackTailmon
  • Aster: Angoramon
  • Touya: Pumpmon


Special Thanks

Our Gammamon artwork is by the amazing Sinobali. Check out their main art Twitter, shitposting Twitter, and Patreon!

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