It’s the beginning of a new Digimon series! Airing immediately after the prior series for the first time since 2002!

Our main coverage of Ghost Game is going to cover 4 episodes at a time (roughly once a month), but we made a special exception for the Ghost Game premiere with one final single-episode focus podcast!

We talk about our excitement levels, whether the premiere has intrigued us, how it holds up to other Digimon premieres, and the importance of supporting Digimon through official channels especially at this moment.

Digi-Prompt: What pre-existing Digimon would you want to see appear as a “hologram ghost” in Ghost Game, and what spooky thing would they do?

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Things mentioned this week:

Episode ratings:

  • Jeff: ★★★★☆
  • Aster: ★★★★☆
  • Touya: ★★★★★

Ghost of the month:


Special Thanks

Our Gammamon artwork is by the amazing Sinobali. Check out their main art Twitter, shitposting Twitter, and Patreon!

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