Touya and Aster return to commiserate and condole each other after Digimon Adventure 2020’s most cursed episode yet.

This week’s Digi-Prompt: What Digimon villain do you think should be redeemed and invited to share a hot spring with you?

Things mentioned this week:


  • Aster: 🙃
  • Touya: 🙃
  • Jeff: ★½☆☆☆


  • Aster: Tailmon
  • Touya: Tailmon
  • Jeff: Tailmon


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➪ Touya & Aster’s Let’s Play of Digimon Story 1 (Digimon World DS)

Special Thanks

Our Agumon artwork is by extyrannomon. Check out the rest of their awesome Digimon fanart on Twitter or Deviantart.

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