Hang onto your DATS— it’s fighting time again! Marcus flirts with a Garurumon while he and Agumon are on a break, Kristy orders some orange juice, Yoshino kind of gets an episode, Thomas punches his hero, Marcus tries to punch a boat, and DemiDevimon poop needles into horse butts.

In this episode, we check in with our impressions of the cast, Jeff uses Citramon to talk about the complexities of localization, Ashley talks about the lesson of never meeting heroes, and lots more!

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  • Ep 6: “The Ultimate Team No More?”
  • Ep 7: “A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!”
  • Ep 8: “The Singer’s Secret”
  • Ep 9: “Never Meet Your Heroes”
  • Ep 10: “Curse This Curse: Marcus’s Bad Day”
  • Ep 11: “The Vile of Vilemon!”

Weekly Question: If your emotions summoned a Digimon to the real world, which Digimon would it be and what would that Digimon do? (Email us a voicemail with your answer!)

◿ Intro [0:00:00]

◿ General Impressions [0:03:53]

◿ Ad Break [0:33:45]

◿ Localization [0:34:18]

◿ Never Meet Your Heroes [0:47:17]

◿ Game Show Gattai [0:57:29]

  • Lightning #1: Which DATS agent would be the most likely to dab?
  • Lightning #2: Which DATS agent would be the most into Digimon Links?
  • Digi-Feud: Asher vs. Andrew
    • In honor of Marcus/Masaru wanting to punch a boat, what other forms of transportation would you like to see Marcus punch?
  • Lightning #3: Which DATS agent would have the best Twitter account?
  • Lightning #4: Which is the better DATS computer operator?
  • Prediction Jurisdiction: Jeff vs. Ashley (F / Marry / Kill)
    • Sampson
    • Miki
    • Megumi

◿ Unanswered Questions [1:14:41]

◿ RDD [1:22:33]

◿ Terminal Judgment [1:26:21]

◿ Plugs [1:40:22]

◿ Outro [1:44:39]


  • 0:00:00: Intro
  • 0:03:53: General Impressions
  • 0:33:45: Ad Break
  • 0:34:18: Localization
  • 0:47:17: Never Meet Your Heroes
  • 0:57:29: Game Show Gattai
  • 1:14:41: Unanswered Questions
  • 1:22:33: RDD
  • 1:26:21: Terminal Judgment
  • 1:40:22: Plugs
  • 1:44:39: Outro

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Music used in this episode:

  • Intro: "Hirari" by Wada Koji, IKUO, and SPM@ (iTunes JPN)
  • Transitions: "Believer" by IKUO, Hiroshi Yamada, and Michihiko Ohta (iTunes JPN)
  • Outro: "Hirari" by Wada Koji, IKUO, and SPM@ (iTunes JPN)

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Ep. 9: Never Meet Your Heroes
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Ep. 11: The Vile of Vilemon!

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