Roll out the welcome DATS, because it’s time to gather the data squad!

In this pre-season episode, we reflect on our histories with Data Squad and Savers, do some LSD, discuss our favorite aspects of the season, lay out our expectations, get Ashley’s hot take first impressions on the cast, and announce some tweaks to the podcast for season 5.

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Weekly Question: What aspect of Data Squad are you most excited for?

▹ Intro & Histories [0:00:00]

▹ The Newlysib Game [0:10:11]

  • Contestants: the newlysibs Asher & Andrew
  • F-Mary-Kill gets weird when it comes to kids or Digimon, so, introducing LSD:
    • Leomon: Whom do you want to kill?
    • Spirit: Whom do you want to digivolve into?
    • DNA: Whom do you want to merge with?
  • Choices:
    • Agumon (Adventure)
    • Agumon (Data Squad)
    • Agumon (Appmon)

▹ Favorites [0:15:39]

▹ Ashley Impressions [0:23:14]

▹ Expectations [0:27:52]

  • Savers OP 1
  • Data Squad OP
  • Season rankings
    • Jeff: Tamers • (Data Squad) • Adventure • 02 • Frontier
    • Ashley: Tamers • Adventure • 02 • (Data Squad) • Frontier
    • Asher: 02 • Adventure • Tamers • (Data Squad) • Frontier
    • Andrew: Adventure • (Data Squad) • 02 • Tamers • Frontier

▹ Recommendation Articulation [0:37:41]

▹ Podcast Announcements [0:41:11]

▹ Outro [0:57:28]

Special Thanks

Our Agumon artwork for season 5 is by extyrannomon. Check out the rest of their awesome Digimon fanart: TwitterDeviantart.

The podcast is made possible with support from our awesome Patremon. If you want to support the show and get some cool rewards (like stickers, buttons, and early episodes), check out our Patreon campaign.

Music used in this episode:

  • Intro: "Hirari" by Wada Koji, IKUO, and SPM@ (iTunes JPN)
  • Transitions: "Believer" by IKUO, Hiroshi Yamada, and Michihiko Ohta (iTunes JPN)
  • Outro: "Hirari" by Wada Koji, IKUO, and SPM@ (iTunes JPN)
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