It’s time for our second stop on the Frontier tracks with the beast spirits arc! The kids get their beast spirits, meet Seraphimon and the rest of the evil Legendary Warriors, defeat Gigasmon, and get caught in several not-so-wacky hijinks.

In this episode, we dig our heelies into the concept of beast spirits, bemoan Frontier’s overt gender issues, and look into etymology and name changes.

Fortnightly Question

「What “beast spirit” in you have you had to learn to control?」


  • 0:00:00: Intro
  • 0:06:05: General Discussion
  • 0:37:34: Coastal Clash
  • 0:47:32: Humans vs. Beasts
  • 1:09:32: Gender Time
  • 1:24:45: Names
  • 1:33:49: iTunes Review
  • 1:35:57: Unanswered Questions
  • 1:40:26: RDD
  • 1:43:04: Terminal Judgment
  • 1:47:01: Recommendation Articulation
  • 1:49:41: Outro

Things Mentioned

Imagery Mentioned

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Locations Mentioned

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Characters Mentioned

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Recommendation Articulation

Special Thanks

Our Agunimon artwork is by MaJo, who you can find on Deviantart and Instagram.

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Music used in this episode:

  • Intro and outro: “A World For Us All” by Dave Feldstein and Chris Horvath
  • Transitions: “With the Will” by Wada Kouji, available on iTunes JPN and Amazon JPN.

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