Things are starting to look a little non-canonical… which can mean only one thing — Digimon movie time! It’s time for a delayed summer vacation to Okinawa for the 1st Tamers movie, “Battle of Adventurers”. In this episode, we explore the difference between the “DigiDestined” and “Tamer” terminology and collectively sigh.


  • 0:00:00: Intro
  • 0:02:17: General Impressions
  • 0:09:57: Favorites
  • 0:13:50: DigiDestined
  • 0:23:07: Movie Trailer
  • 0:28:09: Unanswered Questions
  • 0:33:38: Stray Bits
  • 0:48:25: RDD
  • 0:52:23: Recommendation Articulation
  • 0:58:45: Outro

Things Mentioned

Imagery Mentioned

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Characters Mentioned

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Recommendation Articulation

Special Thanks

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The intro, outro, and transition music for this episode feature the Japanese opening song for Tamers, “The Biggest Dreamer” by Wada Kouji. Additionally, the intro features the English opening for Frontier and the Movie 4-6 dubs, composed by Chris Horvath.

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