An endless flow of Appmon and Tri dub news this week! Tri’s going to be dubbed and shown in US theaters?? Taichi’s going to be dubbed out and replaced with Ryo?? Appmon’s going to star an ancient Egyptian pharaoh gambling the fate of the world on children’s card games?? Only one of those is real, but you have to listen (or use common sense) to figure out which it is. Plus lots of feedback about Tri, a visit from our BFF, and a story about poop.


  • 0:00:00: Intro
  • 0:01:49: Digimon News
  • 0:14:26: Tri Followup
  • 0:26:19: iTunes Reviews
  • 0:31:53: Rejected Titles
  • 0:32:52: RDD Results
  • 0:34:26: Podigious Fantasy Draft
  • 0:38:43: Comments
  • 0:46:33: 308.8 Final Chapter Prologue
  • 0:57:55: 308.9 Final Chapter Prologue Epilogue
  • 1:05:46: Outro

News Mentioned


  • Robot May
  • Davis

Rejected Titles

  • My Neighbor Totoromon
  • In other news, water is NOT wet
  • Oprah’s Digimon Giveaway
  • Everybody Gets a Digimon!
  • Konaka’s Lecture Hall
  • DigiGNOme Thank You
  • DigiGnome Syndrome
  • Watership Up
  • Dispirited Away
  • Rebelmon Without a Cause
  • All Aboard the Censorship

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