Feedback about how to get your Digimon to de-digivolve, Ashley’s groan-worthy rejected title, idealized vs. realistic gender representation, and racial diversity in Japan, and Ask Podigious! answers about Digimon ships and lady ships. Plus the debut of an exciting new cohost!

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Rejected Titles

  • Better Mommies Than Tamers
  • In Your Dreams
  • When Dinosaurs Disappear
  • Parents, Partners, and Pugnacious Pugilists
  • Now You Digivolve, Now You Don't
  • Now You De-Digivolve, Now You Don't
  • O Digivolution, Where Art Thou?
  • O De-Digivolution, Where Art Thou?
  • Not As Seen on Previous Digimons
  • Not As Seen on Adventure

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