Pack your bags! It’s time to board a flight for the USA! USA! USA! Eagles! Guns! It’s the third Digimon movie!

We walk through the scenes of the movie, then Jeff debates whether to launch the movie from a canon, Asher speculates the nature of corruption, and Ashley talks about nostalgia.

News Alert: We recorded follow-up the day the last Digi-Egg was revealed, but it’s actually already hatched! Looks like we’re going to be a PV (promotional video) and airing schedule for tri on May 6. Apparently PVs typically come out a couple weeks before a series starts, so the series might start in May. [More details]

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Our intro music is “Here We Go” by Jason Gochin, and our transition and outro music is “I'm Going Digital” by Jasan Radford. Both are available on the soundtrack for Digimon: The Movie. Ad music is by Eric Skiff.

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