Super Bowls, they come and go. But the Digi Bowl, now THAT is something special.

In celebration of Super Bowl LI, we provide vital commentary and pre- and post-game analysis of the most important piece of sports history, FoxKid’s 2002 Digi Bowl.


  • 0:00:03: Pre-Game Analysis
  • 0:06:07: 1st Quarter
  • 0:14:28: 2nd Quarter
  • 0:17:50: Half-Time Show
  • 0:20:30: 3rd Quarter
  • 0:27:08: 4th Quarter
  • 0:31:45: Post-Game Analysis
  • 0:34:54: Recommendation Articulation
  • 0:42:10: Outro

Things Mentioned

Characters Mentioned

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Recommendation Articulation

Special Thanks

Our Calumon artwork is by the awesome Mary Cagle. If you want to check out more of her work—which, come on, you really should—she creates the webcomics Let’s Speak English, Kiwi Blitz, and Sleepless Domain. She’s also cubewatermelon on Tumblr and Twitter, where she posts lots of other cool drawings and fanart pieces.

The podcast is made possible with support from our awesome Patremon. If you want to support the show and get some cool rewards (like stickers, buttons, and early episodes), check out our Patreon campaign.

Our intro and outro is the theme music of the NFL on Fox and was composed by Scott Schreer.

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