To celebrate August 1st, we invited Danielle of Digipodify and May of Lost in Translationmon to talk about our history with Digimon and how it’s affected our lives. We hope you like it! Let us know in the comments how you found Digimon, and how it’s affected your life. And have a happy August 1st!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter or check With the Will throughout the weekend to keep up to date with news from the Adventure festival this weekend. (Depending on how significant the news is, we might record another Tri reaction epiosde!) Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but the Adventure 02 final retrospective episode is coming soon, and then it’s time for Tamers!

(And sorry we didn’t update y’all with any of the past couple months’ news in this episode, but we didn’t do that because this episode was not really a “Podigious” episode and might be released by Digipodify and Lost in Translationmon as well. We’ll mention all the big news that’s happened in the next episode!)

Things Mentioned

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