We’re sad to announce that the Podigious crew is moving on from Digimon.

After experiencing the disaster of the Adventure 02 epilogue, we’ve decided that Digimon is a vapid toy commercial with no artistic merit. This is a sad day, but we’re happy to announce that we’re relaunching the show as Ozigious, a podcast dedicated to Summer Wars, examining the classic 2009 film three minutes at a time. We will be slowly converting the site over the next couple days, so please bear with us.

In this first episode of the newly launched Ozigious, we do a deep dive on the film’s classic prologue. The podcast is spoiler-free, so feel free to listen if you haven’t seen Summer Wars yet. The prologue is also available on YouTube, so we encourage listeners to watch if they haven’t seen the movie.

Disclaimer: This was an April Fools episode! Don’t worry, we’re still covering Digimon!

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Our intro music is “Here We Go” by Jason Gochin, and our transition and outro music is “I'm Going Digital” by Jasan Radford. Both are available on the soundtrack for Digimon: The Movie. Ad music is by Eric Skiff.

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