Join us for an interview with very special guest Jeff Nimoy!

Jeff was a very important figure in the English dub of Digimon. He was the main director, writer, and story editor for the first two seasons (Adventure and Adventure 02) as well as the fifth season, Data Squad (Savers), Digimon: The Movie, and Revenge of Diaboromon. He has also voiced several Digimon roles, including Tentomon and his digivolutions, young Gennai, and Izzy’s father in the first two seasons and Marcus’s father and Kamemon in Data Squad.

If you want to ask Jeff your own questions, be sure to attend his Q&A livestream this Saturday, Feb 21. Check out Jeff’s tumblr for more info.

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Our intro music is “Here We Go” by Jason Gochin, and our transition and outro music is “I'm Going Digital” by Jasan Radford. Both are available on the soundtrack for Digimon: The Movie.

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