We’re back to talk more about Tri Chapter 3 “Confession” with 5 special guests!


  • 0:00:00: Intro
  • 0:01:16: Jacob
  • 0:29:04: Miranda
  • 0:55:19: Miles
  • 1:15:54: Rayana
  • 1:41:49: Callum
  • 2:04:23: Outro

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Special Thanks

Our special Koshiro and Takeru art is by rw09. Check out her other really awesome Digimon fanart and other artwork on Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, or her personal site.

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Our intro and outro music for this episode is “Butter-fly -tri.version-” by Wada Kouji and our transition music is “Brave Heart -tri.version-” by Ayumi Miyazaki.

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