Lots of news this week with lots of new figures, an Appmon PV, the Tri dub cast list, and a new PV for Tri Chapter 3. We get another voicemail from our BFF, discuss Takato looking up to Henry as a role model, and ramble way too much about the nature of evil. Asher is on a trash Pokemon Go team, Jeff spills about his crushes from age 10, and Ashley hasn’t aged since Jeff’s bar mitzvah.


  • 0:00:00: Intro
  • 0:01:37: Podigious Announcements
  • 0:03:37: iTunes Reviews
  • 0:09:21: Figure News
  • 0:14:06: Tri Dub News
  • 0:15:59: Appmon News & PV Discussion
  • 0:20:11: Tri Ch3 News & PV Discussion
  • 0:26:20: Rejected Titles
  • 0:28:48: RDD Poll Results
  • 0:29:35: Fantasy Draft Results
  • 0:38:12: Voicemails
  • 0:46:54: Episode Comments
  • 0:50:39: Ask Podigious: Is the D-Reaper an evil character?
  • 1:02:46: Ask Podigious: What team?
  • 1:13:04: Outro

News Mentioned

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  • Alley
  • May
  • Davis

Rejected Titles

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mon
  • Being John MalkGallantmon
  • The Anger Games
  • Catching Fury
  • Super Awesome Mega Battle
  • A-Digimon Psycho
  • Reborn Identity
  • The Leomon Effect
  • The Beelzemon Effect
  • Leomon Leomons
  • Vengeance Is Bad, Kids
  • Beelzemon’s Last Stand
  • Leomon’s Last Stand
  • SkullGreymon 2.0
  • Lionheart vs. Lying Heart
  • When You Play the Game of Cards, You Win or You Die
  • Whoops, I Accidentally a Dark Digivolution
  • Beelzemon Battle Book

Feedback Mentioned

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Things Mentioned

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Imagery Mentioned

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Characters Mentioned

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